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MASTEAM talks - pmacct, SDN and Streaming Telemetry - Paolo Lucente

21/12/2016 de 12:00 a 13:00 (Europe/Madrid / UTC100)
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David Rincón
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93 4137056
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The Master's degree in Applied Telecommunications and Engineering Management (MASTEAM)(obriu en una finestra nova) organizes a weekly series of activities (talks, technical visits, discussion pannels) that complement the academic activities with real-world experiences from companies, research centres and institutions in the main topics of the master: Internet of Things. Smart Cities, 5G mobile communications, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Radio (SDR), cloud computing, among others.

This week's activity will be a talk from Mr Paolo Lucente (NTT Communications).

Wednesday December 21st, 15:00h, classroom 128B, Building C4 (EETAC), Campus Castelldefels(obriu en una finestra nova).

paoloTitle: pmacct, SDN and Streaming Telemetry

Abstract: pmacct (obriu en una finestra nova)is a free, open-source and featureful telemetry collector which is well adopted in the IP Service Provider arena worldwide and authored by the presenter. This talk wants to provide an introduction to the capabilities and benefits of the pmacct software, present one of its use cases in the space of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and conclude with an overview, from a community perspective, of the developments of the new Streaming Telemetry paradigm.

Bio: Paolo Lucente is currently part of the IP Development team at NTT Communications working in the areas of telemetry data analysis and collection. He is also the author of the free, open-source software package pmacct. Along with years of experience in the network operators arena, Paolo has an interest in the economics of traffic exchange in the public internet and is a contributor in standards and community forums. Previously, he has covered senior engineering and development positions at some large national and international service providers across Europe and the regional research network in his home land in south Italy - Apulia.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/plucente(obriu en una finestra nova)